Who's Marck?


Marco Loaiza Delgado

Data Engineer

I possess a hybrid background in Electrical eng. and an MSc. Eng. degree, specializing in areas such as Machine Learning, IoT, and Neural Networks. As a cloud engineer, I have extensive expertise in cloud computing and data analytics. My passion lies in utilizing IT, cloud computing (primarily AWS), data analytics, machine learning, data lakes, and serverless services to drive business success.

With over 5+ years of experience in IT and 5 years in electrical projects, I've a proven track record of successfully deploying and managing cloud solutions . Alongside being an exceptional leader and team player, I excel in developing strategies and delivering diligent solutions under pressure. Additionally, I've experience in effective communication, managing diverse stakeholders, and adapting to dynamic environments. Fluent in both English and Spanish.

Currently, I hold the position of Senior Data Engineer at ARKHO (https://www.arkho.io), where my responsibilities include leading the design, development, and deployment of cloud-based data solutions in a consultancy capacity.

I'm also certified as an AWS Developer – Associate and an AWS Cloud Practitioner.

My objective is to seek new challenges and opportunities that allow me to apply my skills and experience to help businesses succeed. I'm confident that my contributions can make a significant impact on your organization and assist in achieving your goals.